Saturday, April 30, 2016

Attempt at thyroid cancer false diagnosis targeting General Electric whistleblower Seema Sapra

Aug 2011, Max Healthcare tried to falsely diagnose General Electric whistle-blower Seema Sapra with thyroid cancer after complaint of poisoning. False diagnosis attempt proved by subsequent Fortis Hospital report obtained under false name by Seema Sapra 

Note that Max Saket Hospital Radiology Head Dr. Debajyoti Chaudhuri of Max Healthcare used a Senior Resident to issue a falsified neck ultrasound report. My complaints were of poisoning so the clinically significant lymph node swelling was deliberately played down in this falsified report by terming it benign. The issue was never of malignancy but of a visible lymph node swelling at the back of my neck. Swollen lymph nodes are clinically significant in cases of poisoning or toxin exposure. 

Even more egregiously, Max Healthcare falsified the report to include a finding of a single nodule in the thyroid lobe and then used language to suggest that it needed to be investigated for malignancy. Note that an ultrasound is not capable of supporting these conclusions. 

I knew that Dr Debajyoti Chaudhuri had falsified this report and I confronted both him and Dr. Nisha Dabas. Dr. Nisha Dabas admitted that her report was not sustainable based upon an ultrasound procedure. 

On 20 Feb 2012 I visited Fortis Hospital under an assumed name and repeated the neck ultrasound procedure. Note the complete absence of any nodule in the thyroid lobes. Note that the dimensions of the relevant thyroid lobe are in fact smaller than the fictitious nodule reported by Max Healthcare. My thyroid gland is shriveled as I have had hypothyroidism since 1996/7. 

If I had fallen for this lie by Dr Debajyoti Chaudhuri and Max Healthcare, I would have started to believe I had cancer. I would then have been slowly poisoned and eliminated using doctors and everyone including me would have thought I was dying of cancer. 

This is how corporates like General Electric Company eliminate their enemies. 

See the evidence below 

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