Tuesday, February 2, 2016

In July 2013, Delhi Police officer S B S Tyagi, then DCP New Delhi with mal-intent procured publication of an inaccurate news report about General Electric Company whistleblower Seema Sapra thereby violating Court orders directing the Police Commissioner to provide protection to Ms Sapra

This misleading news report with inaccurate and misleading information specifically attributed to then DCP New Delhi S B S Tyagi was published by the Deccan Herald on 3 July 2013 and can be viewed at http://www.deccanherald.com/content/342618/homeless-woman-advocate-gives-sleepless.html

It is also reproduced below at the end of this post.

Note the following facts about this news report which expose that senior Delhi Police officers including then DCP New Delhi, S B S Tyagi were deliberately targeting Ms Seema Sapra and had not only failed to comply with Delhi High Court protection orders but were actively conspiring against Ms Sapra and were depicting her complaints and circumstances in a misleading light with intent to help silence her and cover up her corruption complaints against General Electric Company.

This news report quotes S B S Tyagi to state that Ms Sapra was sleeping in her car parked outside police stations and most nights her car was parked outside the Tilak Marg and Tuglaq Road police stations during night. This is FALSE as I had never parked my car outside any police station at night. For most of June 2013, I had slept in my car parked close to the residence of then Special Commissioner of Police P N Aggarwal in Rabindra Nagar and the Delhi Police was aware of this.

The news report also misled by stating that "The High Court has issued an order last month to provide security to her." In fact the first Delhi High Court order directing the Police Commissioner to protect Ms Sapra was dated 25 May 2012 which directed that "The Commissioner of Police as well as all other concerned authorities entrusted with the task of protecting the citizens of the country are directed to ensure that no harm is caused to the petitioner, who is contesting this battle in person as a whistle blower."

Another order dated 18 April 2013 directed that: "A direction is issued to the Commissioner of Police, Police Headquarters, New Delhi to ensure that adequate steps are immediately taken to secure the life and property of the petitioner".  Yet another order dated 31 May 2013 directed that "The Delhi Police shall ensure compliance of the directions made by us by the order dated 18th April, 2013".

The news report and the statements of S B S Tyagi show that despite the orders dated 25 May 2012, 18 April 2013, and 31 May 2013, the Delhi Police had provided no protection to Ms Seema Sapra.
Homeless woman advocate gives sleepless nights to cops
Sumit Kumar Singh, New Delhi,, July 3, 2013, DHNS :
A woman advocate, who claims to be a whistleblower, has been camping outside police stations and homes of senior police officers for several months fearing “threats” from her previous employer.

Delhi Police senior officers are having sleepless nights as she rings them up at night and mails them, sometimes saying she fears that someone keeps a tab on her.

Seema Sapra, 41, stays in her car and sleeps inside it, sometimes parking it outside police officers’ houses or police stations in Lutyens Zone, said S B S Tyagi, deputy commissioner of police (New Delhi).

Most nights her car is parked outside Tilak Marg and Tuglaq Road police stations during night.

“She had filed a case of corruption against her ex-employer General Electric around one and half years ago and the case is in a city court. She appealed to court for providing security to her as she feared various threats from her employer,” said Tyagi.

The High Court has issued an order last month to provide security to her. She claimed herself to be a whistleblower by `exposing’ GE’s use of corrupt methods to acquire government tenders.

She was drawing a salary of Rs 3 lakh per month. She became homeless after her company fired her.

She stayed first at Tata Ginger Hotel in east Delhi and then at Ambassador Hotel but had to leave both places due to financial problems. After that, she started staying in her Santro.

Police said they have no idea about Sapra’s family.

“We have requested her to tell us her address so that we can provide her security but she replied that she stays in her car and she has no proper address,” said Tyagi.

A police officer also said Sapra asked for a Z plus security, or two head constables and a woman constable. She also demanded that the guards stay  with her while she travels.
She recently camped outside special commissioner P N Aggarwal’s house at Rabindra Nagar and alleged that she had been denied proper security.

Not only that, she has been sending several mails to senior officials, including Delhi Police commissioner Neeraj Kumar and Lieutenant Governor, about her day-and-night ordeal.

“She even calls up senior officers during late night and early morning complaining daily about various petty issues,” said Tyagi. Once she said that while she was asleep in her car, a biker stopped near it and she was scared “if he was sent by someone to abduct me”.

Senior policemen are yet to find any solution to the problem. While police have to report to the court in August on security provided to Sapra, they will request the court to provide them her address.

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